Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Tuesday Morning Run
51 minutes
approx 6 km

I was actually dressed, somewhat fed on a fruit & veggie bar and ready to go by 5:50. Of course I managed to waste 5 minutes staring blankly at my watch (apparently a HR of 66 is terribly fascinating) but I'm still pretty impressed.

I'm very happy with the low HR I averaged on this run (147). I'm always low on these morning runs but considering I went up two decent hills (Heather to King Ed and King Ed to Granville) I think the ave is pretty darned good.

Much as I hate getting out of bed that early, these are generally my favorite runs of the week. I think I actually am a morning person, it just takes me about 20 minutes to realize it!

Tuesday Spin - Sweeps and a Time Trial
50 minute workout

12 minute easy warm up

? x 2 minute "sweepy's":
2 minutes in a harder gear focussing only on the bottom "sweep" of the pedal stroke and the pull up. Interesting that this didn't slow down my cadence at all

1 minute (?) easy recovery

5 x 20 seconds standing on 40 seconds recovery :
20sec spent in the big ring and harder gear
40sec sitting, small ring & easy/moderate gear

15 minute time trial:
Aim to be at 80% of max HR. I forgot my HRM but can tell you Mike beside was nowhere near 80% of my max (I had my HRM watch and picked up his heart rate).

This was tough but I did manage to keep an average cadence of 100 and upped it in the last five minutes and managed to drop a gear in the last two.

3 minute cool down followed by 10min easy run cool down.

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