Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Tried using rollers for the first time tonight. Wow, they are difficult!

I think my best run without having to hold on to something was five pedal revolutions. A couple of times, however, I got an idea of how it should/will feel when I'm balanced and pedaling. Of course as soon as I got that feeling I'd hit the wall (literal wall - I wedged myself between it and the lazy boy).

However, given the choice between 50 minutes on rollers and 50 metres swimming butterfly I'll take rollers any day. At least I feel that someday I'll figure out rollers!

1 comment:

Alan said...

So was that an actual wall or literal wall?

To the great unwashed out here, reading the blog it would be literal, but in your world, when it happened was it an actual wall or a literal wall? And does it change from an actual to literal wall just by writing it down even if it was actual when it happened.

Am I actually one of the great unwashed or literally. Sniff, sniff- is it possible to belong to both?