Saturday, February 10, 2007

Psycho Saturday

2:25 hours (est. - my bike computer died)
58km (not so est. as I measured it on gmaps)

Lows of 6 degrees and highs of 9 were predicted for today which meant (drumroll please) - we rode outside. Finally!

We did the usual, starting at Speed Theory, went out along the beach, up Spanish Banks Hill, and on Marine Dr. to the bridge. Most of the group turned back there but an intrepid few continued on to Iona. Beautiful weather, beautiful day and a great ride.

10 minutes

To Ontario St. and back (via Starbucks).

20 minutes

Did my shoulder and knee physio exercises then a general pilates/core workout.

A nice, slow stretching session. Watched curling (and contemplated getting cable). Showed great strength of will and didn't get sucked in by the "Get off your butt and get curling!" ads.

Ice Bath
Because I will blindly do what my coach tells me to do, I sat in a bathtub full of freezing cold water (cryo-something technique to get the lactic acid out of your muscles after a long workout). Hopefully this will make me slightly more ready for tomorrow's run.

Brief Spurt of Energy
Came up with tons of plans for my afternoon. Roll out the cookie dough I mixed up yesterday and make sugar cookies! Clean the kitchen! Return phone calls! Do laundry!

When I realized that I don't have a rolling pin or cookie sheets (last night I discoverd I don't have an electric mixer - I don't bake much) I ran out of steam.

20 minutes. No, maybe 30 minutes. How about an hour?

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