Sunday, February 04, 2007

Four Day Summary

Thursday Run:

  • Warm up - four laps
  • 2 X accelerations (100+ m)
  • 2 min @ pace, 4 min easy (fourlaps)
  • 1 mile time trial (4 laps) - 7:44
  • 30/30 - 7 x 30 sec hard and 30 sec easy
  • Cool down
Rest Day!

Saturday Insanity
  • 2:18:00 indoor spin
  • 25 min run
  • 20 min core/pilates/physio homework
  • 12 min stretch
The weather was about 2 degrees so I wimped out and rode on my trainer instead. A month ago I would have done anything to avoid 10 minutes on a trainer and now I'll do 2 hours plus to avoid getting cold - wimp!

Managed to keep my cadence above 90 for all but the first 10 min warm up, 8 min cool down, and standing sections (aka butt stretches). At least 50% of the time my cadence was over 95 - pretty good!

Decent run - HR still a little high but definitely improving.

Did 5 or 7 stride sprints every 5 minutes. Changed things up and ran West at Hillcrest park, checked out some lazy goalty.

For my strength workout I started with the single leg squats as per Janice. Hard to know if I'm doing them right when I'm not in front of a mirror (walk away from the TV, you know you can do it!).

Then did rotator cuff exercises as per Janet, I think I'm working the right muscles but my shoulder is grinding and hurting most of the time I'm doing it. Not sure if the sore shoulder I have now is from the rotator cuff tendonitis or from muscles tired from weights!

Sunday swim/run
Time Trial Day!

  • 200m warm up
  • 4 x 50m drill choice
  • 50m easy
  • 100m time trial - 1:45
  • 150m easy
  • 400m time trial - 9:45 (?) (NOT happy with this time. However, it should be easy to beat later in the year. Asthma at about 300m and just generally ran out of gas.)
  • 100m cool down
Nice day in the Endowments Lands. The fast people disappeared so quickly we didn't have a chance to feel abandoned. My new shoes felt great, although I'm sad they're now dirty and lost the pretty new shoe look!

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