Friday, February 16, 2007

More Ice Breaker Photos

Some photos from the Ice Breaker of me actually running (as opposed to the first set that came out that only had shots of me at the end chomping on a fruit square). All the photos can be found here.

Teresa and I near the halfway mark. Her race goal was to shadow me, which she was obviously doing very well here. I messed up her plan about 2km later by having to stop due to an insane side cramp and she beat me by a good margin.

The push at the finish.

Wearing gloves was obviously unnecessary! I wore/carried those same gloves at the First Half last weekend, took them off after the first mile and ended up ditching them just before the first water station. I didn't want to litter so I put them on the lid of a garbage can (didn't occur to me to open the lid and put them in!) then saw them still there on the way back and debated picking them up. I couldn't decide fast enough and left them. Hopefully the weather stays warm and I don't end up needing them!

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