Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quiet Evening (except for the war movie)

Spun for 55 minutes while watching episode 4 of Band of Brothers (Replacements).

As per Alan I did 3, 5 and 7 stride sprints every two minutes. This was easier to do at the gym last week when I no other distractions. (I'm not sure the overall boredom makes up for it though.) Getting caught up in the drama of whether Bull Randleman is going to get run over by a tank made me lose track at bit.

Not including the sprints, I tried to keep my cadence over 90. I wanted to stay at 100 but that just wasn't doable today so I went for 95 and mostly kept to that.

Had a good, long stretch after and then one of my all time favourite comfort food meals - marinated tofu on brown rice. The tofu recipe, from an old Ann Lindsay cookbook, is super easy and super tasty. I let the tofu marinate and the rice cook while I was spinning, heated up the oven while stretching then put the tofu in the oven before showering and changing and when I was done the food was done.

Spent the rest of the evening reading "The Ladies of Gracei Adieu" by Susanna Clarke. I have to finish the book by the end of the weekend as it's my roommate's girlfriend's book and she'll be reclaiming it then. Luckily it's short!

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