Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Three Days

It was a hard day to get out of bed! I miss one week of early mornings and completely get out of the habit of getting up early.


The focus was on the recovery phase of the stroke - keeping the arm loose and relaxed while out of the water, elbow bent (think of skaters spinning - a faster spin when their arms are in closer to their body), recovery arm helping to move underwater arm.

Drills included:
shark fin (arm out of the water just far enough to look like Jaws)
the wierd recovery one I can't remember the name of - do full recovery then do it backwards then forwards again. Significantly stronger on the right side over the left

Evening Pilates was hard as I was tired from skiing the day before.

48 min

Another morning where I really didn't want to get out of bed. It was icy and cold outside but at the end of the run I got a fantastic view of the snow clad North Shore mountains - beautiful.


10 min warm up

5 (?) x sit stand:
30sec standing (big ring)
30sec seated easy

Single Leg Drills:
4 per leg:
40sec single leg
30 sec easy both legs

5 x all out:
20sec all out (hardest gears)
2min easy

2 x race pace:
2.5min @ about 80/85% of max (should feel okay to start but get hard @ about 1 - 1.5 min)
2min recovery

My legs were so tired it was hard to do the workout, especially the single leg drills, and my cadence was consistently low for everything except the race pace piece.


w/u 200 easy swim

4 x 100m:
25m ?
25m ?
25m drill
25m breast

2 x 50m
25m sculling
25m free

4 x 100m:
25m fly kick
25m back - 10 kicks/1 pull
25m breast - 2 kicks/1pull
25m free - fingertip drag

5 x:
100m IM
50m free easy

cool down
100m kick/no board:
25m fly
25m back
25m breast
25m free

200m free easy with pullbuoy

I still do not have any skill at butterfly - no rhythm, no kick technique and my stroke is off, just a few minor issues! Paul said that if I work on the rhythm with my head that will help a lot - don't lift my head up so high on the breath and really drive it down after.

Paul also ranked my strokes in order of strength:
1 - Breast
2 - Free
3 - Back
4 - Fly
I disagree, I'm sure there are other strokes I do much better than fly - dog paddle, side stroke, drowning ...

This evening I get my first try at riding on rollers - wish me luck!

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Amy said...

I'm personally really good at floating about.. And hot tub. I love my hot tub repeats.